Asian Tostadas

Asian Tostadas


ASIAN TOSTADAS - mix of shrimp, red pepper, onion, celery, avocado and asian mustard on a crispy wonton - 2 for 9

BUCKS SPARE RIBS - oven-roasted, fork-tender, sweet, Cantonese-style - 12

LETTUCE WRAPS - minced chicken, water chestnuts, and woodear mushrooms on a bed of crispy rice noodles - 13

CRAB & CHEESE WONTON - snow crab and cream cheese wrapped in a crispy wonton, served with sweet and sour and hot mustard sauce - 8

EGG ROLLS two per order - thicker, bubbly wrapper, filled with pork and vegetables - 4

SPRING ROLLS - thinner wrapper, filled with vegetables 4

辣SICHUAN SPICY WONTON 紅油炒手 - pork wontons in spicy, sweet, sour chili oil garlic sauce - 10

CRISPY CHICKEN WINGS - marinated in ginger, garlic, and seasonings - 8

PORK BELLY BUNS Gwa Bao 卦包 - slow-braised, tender pork belly, in housemade buns, with scallions and pickled vegetables - 10

Dumpling Sampler

Dumpling Sampler

Handmade to order from the dumpling bar
steamed or pan-seared, in freshly hand-rolled wrappers, made with wheat flour and fresh vegetable juice extract for colors and nutrients
6 pieces per order,  sampler 8 pieces

DUMPLING SAMPLER - two each of pork, chicken, shrimp, vegetable - 10
PORK - shiitake, jicama, napa cabbage - 8
CHICKEN - basil, jicama, shiitake - 8
SHRIMP - celery, shiitake, jicama, ginger - 9
VEGETABLE - mixed vegetables, vermicelli, shiitake - 8

SOUP DUMPLINGS -XIAO LONG BAO 小籠包 - savory, steamed pork dumplings with hot soup inside. an explosion of flavor. a delicacy of Shanghai - 10

BEIJING XIAN BING 北京饀餅 - flat, pan-seared meat pies, filled with your choice of pork or chicken, with mushrooms and daikon - 10

BEEF BAOZI BUNS 牛肉包子 - steamed buns filled with beef and daikon - 10

Scallion Pancake

Scallion Pancake

PEARL MEATBALLS 珍珠丸子 - pork, shiitake, and jicama meatballs, rolled in sticky rice and steamed. GF - 10

PURPLE HAZE 鑲茄子 - eggplant, filled with pork and shiitake, and steamed. can be served with garlic sauce without sauce for GF - 10

ROLLING NAPA - pork, jicama and shiitake mushroom wrapped in napa cabbage, steamed - 10

SCALLION PANCAKE 蔥油餅 - chopped scallions in a crispy, flaky, pancake - 5

SHANGHAI KAO FU 上海烤麩 vegetarian. shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, edamame peas, and wheat gluten, a tasty meat alternative, loaded with protein - 15

CHIVE POCKETS 韮菜合子 - savory and flaky, pan-seared pies, filled with chives, eggs, wood ear mushrooms, and vermicelli - 10

EDAMAME - steamed soybean pods, sea salt. GF - 5

COOL VEGETABLE ROLLS - mixed vegetables, avocado, rice noodles, and cilantro, wrapped in rice paper. GF - 5 / add shrimp - 9



Please alert your server of any food allergies. Many of our entrees are or can be prepared gluten free, just ask!