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Royal China Restaurant is a family owned and operated restaurant since 1974.  It is the oldest family owned Chinese restaurant in North Texas.         Our restaurant started with Buck Shu-Chang Kao, founder, father, and grandfather, and good friend to many.  Buck was a decorated WWII veteran and distinguished military attaché  and a diplomat of National Chinese in Washington and many countries in the world.

In 1972, he and his family immigrated to Dallas to start anew.  After getting settled into his new home, he and his friends, along with a chef from Taiwan, got together to start a new endeavor, and in 1974, Royal China was born and Buck's contagious personality and commanding presence made Royal China an instant popular gathering place for friends, families, and neighbors.  His customers were like his extended family and he treated them as such. How much he is missed is a reflection of how well loved he was and his dedication to the happiness of his customers. His son, George, and his wife, April, continue to carry on and preserve Buck's legacy with fresh and modern new additions.  George is almost always there to greet customers, new and regulars, with a robust welcome, while April works behind the scenes, either pulling noodles or tending to the business side of the restaurant.  Together they work to ensure their customers, extended family, leave with a great experience, a full belly, and a yearning to come back soon. 




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